Excluding Suspended, Silenced and Suspect Users When Exporting

We are sending e-mails to our members and when we have exporting up-to-date user list as .csv file it contains suspended, silenced and suspect users too. We don’t want them in mail list so we have to pick them one by one and delete from list.

To make this easier, there could a option to filter those unwanted users in exported user list. It would help us and probably many other Discourse admins.


Wait can’t you just use an excel macro to clear them off? We do export the status in the CSV right?

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I’m using LibreOffice. How can I do it?

I guess it is not available in LibreOffice.

No macro required.

Just sort the list by the column containing the status. Then delete each block of rows containing the status you don’t want.

Thank you for your advice, but it is why I’ve asked for this feature. That user list naturally will grow by the time and will make it harder.

In LibreOffice you can filter the data like this:

Select empty in the filter dialog box for the suspended_till column and you are left with non-suspended users. Do it for any other column necessary and then export the resulting filtered list for use in your email.


I understand that you want the feature but, while you are waiting for a feature that may never be developed, you don’t have to do it the hard way. You now have two options to make it easier for you to accomplish this task:

  • Sort by status and delete each block of users with the status you don’t need.
  • Filter by a column by cell content to select the users you want so you can export/copy them.

Also, there are more options which might help you:

  • Import the user list into a mailing list manager or other tool that is designed to work with email addresses. That way you have access to other features that are useful when sending regular emails. Also, your email service may provide email list management features. This is normal for transactional email providers like Mailgun.

  • Use the Data Explorer plug-in (as a hosted customer you have to be on a high enough plan) to create a query that selects the users you want to export. Here are an example where email addresses are selected:
    Users who voted for a feature
    Export group members

  • Pay for a plug-in to be developed.

  • If you are sending only to users then consider using groups to select users and send personal messages instead of emails.

FYI, I think that this feature will be a very low priority because it is so easy to accomplish the same result with mundane spreadsheeting skills. This feature would only be needed if there were some major difficulty like having a user list that was too long to fit in a worksheet. But the current limit for rows/records is 1,048,576 for both Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc.