disableReplaceState undefined?

I upgraded Discourse today, and after doing so, some of my users have complained that signing in is giving them a blank page. Investigating further, I’m seeing an exception on the console

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘disableReplaceState’ of undefined

FWIW, it’s happening at application-c138bcb70c1b2d5c6e26cf370fdcf67d.js:58

Any ideas on how to proceed?

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The object that is undefined is Discourse.TopicRoute.

Do you have any plug-ins? Are they updated? Looks like Discourse No Constants stuff.

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I do have a few plugins, and they are all up to date. Looking at /admin/upgrade, I am now 1 commit behind the latest discourse, but that’s it.

Can you elaborate on Discourse No Constants?

Edit: I see the discussion about DISCOURSE_NO_CONSTANTS now. I’ll look further into that, thanks.

I think that is my plugin, I will update it.

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I was just about to ask… :slight_smile: Thanks!

You’re talking about browser_history, right?

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Yes, corrected via