Disabling all emails except those registration related?

I have a client that wants to use Discourse on a project but cannot have Discourse emails coming through their email system for legal reasons. The instance of Discourse is going to be very heavily moderated/administered by some people in charge of the project. It seems there are two possible solutions here:

  • Admins create the accounts for the users and send them the credentials
  • Users receive only registration and password change emails and nothing else.

Right now, it doesn’t seem like either of those situations is possible. Am I correct in that assumption? Is there another way to establish and manage this community?

You could build a plugin that patches that area and makes the email notifications a no-op

Or you could totally disable emails and build a custom frontend for account management using the API

There is no built in way

SSO ftw.

Disable all emails, and set up a simple rails / Django app for user management, and reuse the SSO code for those frameworks.

I really can’t say how awesome discourse SSO is.


Yes, I totally endorse that, on second thought that is the best thing to do here instead of butchering Discourse internals with monkey patches.


Ok, awesome. Do you know if there’s any publicly available example of a SSO source for Discourse? A Rails or Django app that’s ready to go, so to speak? I’ve worked in both, but if there’s a “perfect working example” out there that I can clone and use, that would be super handy. :smiley:

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