Disabling unload-on-scroll?

Is there any way keep older posts loaded on the page as one scrolls down a topic? It breaks using the brower’s built-in page search functionality, which is less clunky to use than Discourse’s topic search. Anywhere on the page I can just hit Command-F and enter some text, and then quickly search through the text as rendered to find occurrences. Discourse’s search requires me to scroll to the top, click the search icon, check the “this topic” box, and then click the results to see their context. Each time I want to try another result, I have to repeat that.

Ideally it would load the whole thread, rather than requiring me to scroll to the bottom, but I get why it doesn’t do that, and at least I can scroll to the bottom quickly with the keyboard to load more. This would be fine, except it discards previous posts as I go, making those impossible to search.

Press the end key on your keyboard, or click / tap on the date at the bottom of the timeline. You can also enter a topic at the bottom by clicking on the last post time or the post count.

There is a special route for printing that you can use for this, like


(need to open in a new tab). This will load up to 1000 posts, in a JS less view.