Disable scroll to last read post

I run an education course community using discourse. Every time a student opens up a topic, it scrolls and takes her to the oldest unread post. I want to take him to the top of the topic not at the scrolled position.
Is there any way I can take them to the top of the post instead of the scrolled one?

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Welcome to Meta Discourse! :blush:
They can press the topic title in the header. That brings you to the top of the topic or they can use the scroll bar. I cannot personally imagine going from the top to the bottom each time. It is designed purposely like that to save a user time…

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Completely agree Ondrejj. The functionality is Gold. The only crazy situation is when there’s a topic with no replies. In that case, it takes to the bottom which doesn’t have any information.

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That is not the case… unless you mean re-entering the topic.

You can enable forced entry at first post in your category settings. It’s intended for wiki type topics.