Disallow people from seeing everyones post, just yours in certain categories

I have been using Discourse as a community forum for a while, but I also want to be able to recruit people through applications. Now, is there a way I could make it so you can only see your post in a certain category? To prevent copying other peoples application.

I’ve been searching around the forum, and a few people have mentioned they wanted to have some sort of applications, but no one has really mentioned them successfully doing this.

I don’t understand what you mean? You can set permissions on categories if you only want a certain group to see posts in those categories. You can create a PM topic and add people to it if you only want an arbitrary number of people to see the posts.


If you have a lot of people wanting to apply, PMs aren’t going to do that for you, it’s just going to be spammed. Alternatively, and what I’m trying to say, is that we should be able to set a specific category permission so others can only create topics, and not let anyone see their topic. This would be useful for recruiting new staff members, private suggestions, support tickets, without having to disclose/reveal your issue or application to the public.

In summary, a permission or setting which allows us to set the category so only the user can see their own posts made inside of the category, not anyone elses. Only admins can see.

Let’s say you have some concerns about something, but you want to keep it private, this would be a great way to have a support ticket system. Or, if you wanted to write an applications, people could make their post inside of the category, create their post, and no one can see it but themselves and admins. This prevents copying.

Yes this has been raised many many times before and our recommendation remains, use group messaging.

  • I want to submit my application
  • I send a PM to @recruitment
  • Anyone in the `@recruitment group can handle it.
  • Some members of @recruitment can watch the mailbox, others can track and so on.

Why do you think PMs to the @recruitment group are some sort of spam bomb that the #recruitment category is magically immune from?

If anything odds of spam in messages are far lower cause spammers do not bother.


I suppose you’re right. I overlooked it.

Thanks for your help.


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