Discobot and copy&pasting a link step

One of the steps of the discobot asks to upload an image. When that fails for whatever reason, it suggests a link to be used for that purpose. So far so good.

The issue is that the link provided is within backticks. Depending on how the URL is copy&pasted, the backticks may be copied too, rendering a post which seems to do exactly what is being asked for, but still doesn’t work.

For admins, this can be seen here.

I think if the copy selection is done by starting on the (blank) line above until the (blank) line under it, then style is copied too. Perhaps the link can placed within brackets (<>) to avoid this and the preview?

Obviously this is a very minor thing, but I think anything that can reduce friction in getting newcomers started by themselves can only help everyone.


@riking would you mind taking a look at this one, since you were recently in there?


Yep, that’s the solution I went with (after investigating the possibility of automatically removing the code backticks).



Thank you for the fast fix!

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