Discobot didn't recognize link in tutorial

I was going through the Discobot tutorial on the Gitcoin forum. It made me copy/paste a link out of three. Did that, Discord expanded the link, but Discobot didn’t recognize the link. I was on the desktop:

When I tried to flag that Discobot message to a moderator as Something else, with the message Discobot bug, I got another incorrect error:

Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

This sounds like they’ve upped the trust level for min trust to post links, but haven’t tuned discobot to their custom setup. I’ve just had a test run-through on my test site and Discobot appreciated the coconut link I oneboxed for him, so they may also have tweaked something for the oneboxes on that site as well?

Have you contacted the admin there to raise these quirks?