Discobot didn't recognize link in tutorial

I had another thought as I was confused why it worked on my first run-through and then didn’t on the lastest from today, so I spun up a brand new site as I think I used a fresh one the last time round - and this time discobot did appreciate my coconut link. :tada: :slight_smile:

I then belatedly remembered that safe mode existed…

And I tried it on my original test site with safe mode enabled, and requested a new tutorial, and this time he also liked my onebox as well. :tada: :slightly_smiling_face:

So I’m guessing it must be a conflict with a plugin or theme component. I do have quite a few of the official ones so it may be easier to look through the ones on the other site. I’ll keep digging. :+1:

Update: No, now it just seems to work every time no matter what. :thinking: @Moin, can you give me a specific set of repro steps where it consistently doesn’t work for you?

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