Receiving "Sorry, an error has occurred." during flagging step of discobot tutorial

I’ve been testing the new user experience on my Discourse forum and seem to have run into a bug with discobot. Here are the repro steps:

  1. Get to the flagging step of the discobot tutorial
  2. Click on the flag button in the post menu
  3. Select “Something Else” instead of “It’s Inappropriate” and type in “Test”
  4. Click the “Message” button to submit the flag
  5. Realize the tutorial didn’t advance and feel bad about yourself for disobeying discobot’s instructions :wink:
  6. Click on the flag button in the post menu again
  7. Select “It’s Inappropriate”
  8. Click the “Flag Post” button to submit the flag
  9. See the error

Here are the steps in video format:

Assuming it’s currently set up to only accept an “It’s Inappropriate” flag, I’m not sure if it would be better to reword and rework this part of the tutorial to allow the user to chose any type of flag, or just create some case logic to handle a rebellious first time user.

Hopefully this is helpful! And let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Selfish request regarding a fix: Since my discourse instance will be private and only have a dozen or so friends, I want to limit the flags to only show the “Something Else” option (with some rewording to make it a flexible single solution for alerting the admin that action is needed regarding a post). I’ve achieved this via CSS and custom text, so I wouldn’t mind the “any flag will do” fix so that I can keep my customized flag window working with the tutorial. I understand whatever solution you guys come up with needs to be best for all Discourse users, but I thought I put it out there just in case it can be considered.


@tgxworld this does look like a legit issue, a bit of an edge case but it sure can happen.

Does this apply to all flags, or only flags in the interactive narrative? If it is only the narrative, I don’t support spending time on it.

Just tested and it’s all flags, not just the narrative.


Fixed in

Sometime back we stopped treating notify_moderator as a flag which is incorrect as per


Isn’t this a yes and no? eg. “please edit out my confidential info” isn’t really a “something is bad” Flag. No problem if the moderator remembers to defer / ignore. But if there is a mistake, the flag could count against the poster unfairly.

Is there code in place to take a self-flag into consideration?

notify moderator has been been a flag all along. The bug here is that the server was incorrectly sending information to the client telling it to not treat notify moderator as a flag.


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