Discobot tutorial generating modmail

This is effectively a followup to Discobot tutorial gets stuck if 'something else' flag type is selected. While the tutorial no longer gets stuck, it still generates a message to the moderators. Obviously this is something that many folks trip up on during the tutorial — it’s happened four times in the last 10 days on our site — and the discussions here show folks had been getting stuck prior to the fix. The prompt says to flag it as inappropriate — and while I read that as “use the inappropriate reason,” it’s written in a natural way that I can see missing inappropriate as an important keyword to match.

You already hide/dismiss the flag, couldn’t you also hide/prevent sending the mod message (especially now that discobot responds appropriately)? I also just changed discobot’s text a bit as an experiment on our site to see if a slightly different wording helps lower the volume.


It’s still early for our relatively small site but this is looking promising. In the month prior to changing this, 18 folks did that tutorial step and 4 flagged it wrong. In the month+ since 17 have done that step and 0 got it wrong. The new text adds a few more details about why you might flag a post but I’m guessing it’s the very small change to the final sentence that’s doing most of the work:

We like our discussions friendly, and we need your help to keep things civilized. If you see a problem, please flag to privately let the author, or our helpful staff, know about it. There are many reasons you might want to flag a post ranging from an innocuous thread-splitting suggestion to a clear-cut standards violation. If you select “something else,” you’ll start a private message discussion chain with the moderators in which you can ask further questions.

:imp: I wrote something nasty here

Go ahead and flag this post and select inappropriate as the reason!


Excellent! Let’s adopt that change. @justin can you pull that in?


PR is up for this!

EDIT: Merged.