Discord<-> Discourse Selective Group Sync

I’m not sure if I’m just having trouble finding it, but I’m looking for a feature/plugin that would allow me ultimately achieve the following user flow.

  1. User signs up and connects their discord account to discourse (either by signing up that way or connecting after)
  2. The user would be potentially added to groups on discorse. I would want these specific groups to then sync the user to be added to a group on discord.

A direct example is that I have a group that users are auto added to when they donate to my community through paypal. If there was a bot that would auto adjust their roles on discord too so discourse and discord are a bit more in sync, that would be great.


There are many, many people requesting this over the years, but so far all attempts to create such plugin failed.

Since this is something of my particular interest, I’m pondering working on this myself.


I’m happy to help where I can if the code is made public. Hopefully others are interested in helping creating a fully featured plugin of this type too.

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Oh I have to retract here a bit, looks like the work by @merefield on that front was published publicly at "Discord Bot": run one on your Discourse server & keep things in sync. Completely forgot about it.

It would be easier to focus on the specific features that are missing in there for you and writing complete proposals, with mockups and everything, and posting those to #marketplace in order to advance it.