Discourse 2.3.0.beta11 Release Notes

New features in 2.3.0.beta11

Staff Action logs support infinite loading

Need to figure out which admin created a backup in 2018? What about the color of the staff category back in 2015? Staff Action logs now support infinite loading, so you can just keep swimming scrolling until you find what you need. Don’t forget to take advantage of the filters to decrease the entries you must scroll through.

Review queue improvements

The consolidated review queue introduced the “reviewable priority”, which assigns a priority to each queued item. Staff can modify the priority of specific flag types via review queue settings.


Items with higher priorities, like flags created by high trust level users, are shown first in the queue. Beta11 adds support for alternate queue sorting, including reverse priority (lowest priority items first), created at (newest items first), and reverse created at (oldest items first).


Additionally, posts show an “in reply to” indicator, giving staff quick access to the replied to post for much needed context when reviewing the flag.

Defer topics

Ever wish you could mark a topic as “unread”, so you can come back to it later? Wish no more! You can now defer topics so they appear unread when you need to find them again. To enable defer, visit the Interface user preferences tab and check Enable defer to mark topics unread.

Native date picker on mobile

Discourse now supports native date pickers on mobile, making topic timer creation even easier to complete.

Upcoming Release

Discourse release 2.3 is currently scheduled for release next Monday, June 17 (exact date subject to change). If your site follows the stable Discourse release branch, check out all of the Discourse 2.3 release notes for details on the upcoming changes for your site.


Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes 1 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Bump Handlebars to version 4.1.2

Plugin improvements

Steam Login

  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix for regional holidays

Login with Amazon

  • Bug fixes

Docker Manager

  • Bump dependency versions for security fixes

Discourse Mobile

  • Bump dependency versions for security fixes
  • Add loading screen to webview
  • Android notification improvements

Code Review

  • Bug fixes

Unhandled Tagger

  • Fix broken icons

WP Discourse

  • Add ‘wpdc_load_comments_template_for_user’ filter to allow the comments template to be loaded conditionally

Spoiler Alert

  • Bump dependency version for security fix
  • Bug fixes


  • Bump dependency version for security fix


  • Bug fixes

Ad plugin

  • Rename adsense_ads_txt site setting to ads_txt as it’s not specific to AdSense


  • Allow assign on groups
  • Performance improvement
  • Bug fix

Canned Replies

  • Bug fixes

Chat integration

  • Bug fix

Staff Notes

  • Bump dependency version for security fix


  • Fix delete action should be red

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Add locale defaults for Unicode username whitelist
  • Support private attachments when using S3 storage
  • Show tags in crawler view of tags page for static site
  • Enable_performance_http_headers for performance diagnostics
  • Dynamically update the topic heat settings monthly
  • Migrate uploads to S3 during restore
  • Displays average for 2 columns tables which support average
  • New rake task to invalidate broken images in post
  • Multi-file javascript support for themes
  • Load theme setting descriptions from theme locale files
  • New rake task to watch all replied topics
  • Add autocomplete discourse on full page search

Bug Fixes

  • In reply to would sometimes have a broken link
  • English locale must not fall back to any other locale
  • Removing hidden tag bumps topic when all tags are removed
  • Updating a user profile as admin shouldn’t change the user’s locale
  • Prevents screen-track from leaking object
  • Removes leaking handler in select-kit
  • Avoid infinite loop if disk space is low
  • Select-kit events were sometimes not cleaned up
  • Always schedule pull_hotlinked_images in cooked_post_processor
  • Do not download emojis in pull_hotlinked_images
  • Handle missing plural keys on client
  • Safari desktop doesnt support input[time]
  • Permit new tags when allow_global_tags true.
  • Always take the first post in the RSS fee
  • Ensure consistency should handle cases where a topic trashed
  • Ensure_consistency was able to create corrupt category topics
  • Add support for custom/plugin notification title attribute
  • Use URI.regexp to find URLs in plain text
  • Round the calculated heat values
  • Do not resize images in Onebox while lazy loading.
  • Correct link to list of watched words
  • S/thumb-tack/thumbtack
  • Prevents appEvents to leak
  • Periodically ensure consistency of categories.
  • Clone dateTime before changing timezone
  • Missing title attribute when quoting an image.
  • Add unit to width and height CSS properties.
  • Broken serializer spec with no payload
  • Ember was raising an error without a .set here
  • Use correct locale when translating without cache
  • Regression and attempts to have clearer naming
  • If favicon is missing due to bad url we would return a 500 on favicons
  • Prevent deadlock
  • Don’t send post edit notification when hidden tags are changed
  • Remapping URLs didn’t affect upload site settings
  • Use hijack for processing bulk invites
  • Do not store bulk invite CSV file on server
  • Corrects description as it’s not unique
  • Fix locale key
  • Handle clicks counters in quotes
  • Accept github theme urls with a trailing slash
  • Ensures correct i18n key is used
  • Ensures we have data to compute average
  • Add title attribute for notifications
  • Clean broken relations before adding javascript_caches foreign key
  • Default top timeframe was overriding best_periods_for
  • Trigger user_updated webhook when avatar changes
  • Better error message when user without permissions replies via email
  • Fix select badge as user title on badge page
  • Drop deleted posts from search index
  • Correctly escape regex url
  • Search indexer had various cases where it could fail
  • Redirect to top was always redirecting to ‘All’
  • Crawler footer style needed to be more specific
  • Regression with finding reviewable counts on topics
  • Display generic descriptor for associated account with no info
  • Use crawler layout when saving url in Wayback Machine
  • Migrate_to_s3 wasn’t IAM profile aware
  • Use the full URL for reviewable content to make the API easier
  • Histories should be reverse chronological
  • For API consumption it’s easier if the lings are the full URL
  • Category topics should not be deletable via review queue
  • Broken test, also typoed property
  • Linting via prettier

UX Changes

  • Make input caret color match text color
  • Display “Queued Topic” if a Queued Post will create a topic
  • Shrink oneboxes and other wide content in custom post messages
  • Lighten OS icons in recently used devices
  • Move archive button in topic controls dropdown (mobile view).
  • Z-index fix for preview on iOS
  • Add missing classes to user preferences
  • Merge settings related to muted tags.
  • Cleanup crawler styles, improve schema.org markup


  • Fix N+A+lot query
  • Optimize lookup of reviewable info in post stream
  • Only check for totp record on current user at when needed
  • Speed up topic poster lookups
  • Bypass slow locale lookups in various cases
  • Stop reindexing and skipping deleted posts
  • Omit user profile and private message stats in web hook serializer.
  • Fix N+1 queries for non-JS topic view.