Discourse 2.3 released!

Originally published at: Discourse 2.3 released!

Today we release Discourse 2.3, building on Discourse 2.2 from February. For post 2.0 releases we’ve chosen a new set of codenames based on the history of human communication; this release is Vinca. Completely overhauled flag and review system Arguably the the biggest change in this release is that we’ve completely overhauled and centralized our…


Exciting changes. Still trying to understand the rules behind auto-hiding. Curious to know if it takes into consideration bad actors on flagging. We seem to have had challenges today with hide post sensitivity, as some malicious users started taking advantage of flagging to wreak havoc. And to undo the hiding, we have to go into every topic / post that was hidden. Look forward to learning more and it seems like there are important benefits to the long-term health of the community.


Nothing really changed in that regard. Users could flag posts to threshold and hide them in previous releases, identically. The only thing that changed was the unified user interface for handling flags.


Thx @codinghorror We had that threshold set to 25, so it was pretty hard to hit. But now it appears that posts were getting hidden with just one flag, and hide sensitivity set to medium or even low. Working with @tshenry to investigate further.

Again, don’t want to take away from what seems to be a very feature rich release. Congrats.


Not work for 2.3 beta? or i just need to using cli to upgrade.

I think it’s because you’re up to date. There’s no use updating when it’s already in the latest version.

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What my think is 2.3(stable?) is newer than 2.3(beta)?:sweat_smile:

I have upgraded using /admin/upgrade url. It works.

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