Discourse 2.3.0.beta2 Release Notes

New features in 2.3.0.beta2

New shortcut (g s) to access first suggested topic

Ever opened a topic, read the first post, and realized you don’t need to read the rest? Then find you have to scroll through all the posts to reach the suggested topics at the bottom? We have too. Now you can use the keyboard shortcut of g followed by s to load the first suggested topic from anywhere in the current topic.

Display report description when hovering on activity metrics

We now display each report’s description when hovering to make it easier for admins to know what each statistic details, without the need to open the full report.


New API to register topic footer buttons

We’ve simplified the process of adding buttons to the topic footer. Previously, buttons added to desktop used a different process than mobile, and this complicated plugins that needed to add such buttons. The API is now unified and simpler to use - plus is backwards compatible so existing plugins will not break with this change. We do encourage plugin authors to update their plugins to take advantage of the new system.

2.2.0 bug and UX fixes

This release also includes a number of small bug and UX fixes from our 2.2.0/2.3.0.beta1 release last week. Sites on all branches, stable, beta, and tests-passed are encouraged to update to resolve these issues, including:

  • checkboxes were too close to other inputs
  • minor button icon color fixes
  • in:title search filter should work irrespective of order
  • disable autocomplete on composer title
  • register pan events for touch only
  • login button icons should be white

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes 1 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Escape HTML in dashboard report tables

Plugin improvements

Code Review

  • Uses new topic footer button API
  • Bug fixes

Discourse Auth

  • Remove deprecated enabled_setting


  • Bug fix


  • Ember 3 support


  • Use API method to get current user object

OAuth2 Basic

  • Download avatar for new users
    Previously avatars were only loaded on subsequent logins

Data Explorer

  • Clean up button styles for query pages
    • Add a “play” glyph for the Run & SaveRun buttons
    • ensure that there’s only one primary button on the page i.e. Run
    • Remove btn-danger from discard button
    • remove redundant button class from create button
    • Improve redundant copy by removing the word “Query”

Ad Plugin

  • Add ads.txt support

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Calculate sprite-sheet based on currently active themes
  • Allow string theme settings to display with multiple lines
  • Returning falsy value from upload handler stops upload.
  • Use amazon s3 inventory to manage upload stats

Bug Fixes

  • Add support for style element in SVGs
  • Old migration was loading up invalid model schema
  • Correctly process {{each}} in raw handlebars templates for themes
  • Validate Invite email against EmailValidator.email_regex
  • Destination prefix in S3 inventory configuration is incorrect
  • Include error message if the “accept invite” process fails
  • Bucket name is missing in S3 inventory data path
  • Unpause Sidekiq before uploading backup to S3
  • Users should able check the emails for self
  • S3 endpoint broke bucket creation in non-default region
  • Rescue and display import errors when updating theme via git
  • In:title should work irrespective of the order.
  • Register pan events for touch only
  • Fix delete button for Tag Groups.
  • Some brittle tests with hardcoded ids
  • Login button icons should be white
  • Don’t raise error if s3 set via global setting

UX Changes

  • Rename color scheme to color palette in UI
  • Truncate (don’t wrap) badges in user cards if the text is long
  • Turn off autocomplete on composer title
  • Disable browser’s autocomplete in search menu
  • Moving the create theme buttons, adding buttons to theme index
  • Use translatedLabel for aria-label in buttons.
  • Reduces white-space in polls
  • Minor button icon color fixes
  • Checkboxes were too close to other inputs
  • Header icon color fix