Discourse AI

Is there perhaps any plan to implement group-based limits? For example “Group A” can send 100 messages or 10,000 tokens to AI Bot per day?


Agree, we would very much like to build a system for quotas


I just discovered one issue. My bot wasn’t writing back to me so I checked the logs and I saw that the temperature was out of range.

OpenAI models have a temperature range 1 - 2 whereas Anthropic models have a range of 0 - 1. So, if you set a temperature of, for example, 1.2 in your persona, then you can not use an Anthropic model in your LLM dropdown list when you go to chat with the bot (and vice-versa with OpenAI).

This could prove to be a limitation because it forces users to either:

  1. Use ONLY the default values if there are models from companies with different ranges
  2. Use ONLY models from one company so that you can actually set the temperature.

I wanted to provide a selection of models to my users, however currently I can’t let them choose between OpenAI or Anthropic models because I need to set a temperature :pensive: