Discourse and Amazon SES - not ready?

Hi all,
I’m having a hard time in getting Discourse properly configured with Amazon SES. I wonder if others are having the same issue?

I have asked questions in these other Discourse topics, here and here, but got no answer so far.

First problem is that the handler of SNS notifications is not working. I described the issue in this topic but I don’t have enough Ruby knowledge to solve it myself, although I know what’s going on.

Since SNS is not working, I had to enable e-mail forwarding in SES to send the bounce messages to discourse via VERP, but this is not desired as it keeps forwarding all the bounced e-mails from all other applications I use SES with, not only Discourse.

Ideally the SNS handler should be fixed. Any ideas? Is anyone properly handling SES bouncing with Discourse?

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