Discourse and Postgres DB installation

Hi Team,

I have a basic question on Discourse self-hosting. We are planning to use Discourse as self-hosting for our organization. What I have noticed, when we install Discourse automatically Postgress SQL installed in the same machine. Just wanted to check do I need to pay a license for Postgress SQL? Also, is the Data and Application will be in my Organization Domain and no one from outside can access those details?


PostgreSQL is an open source software and doesn’t impose any licence fee for usage

You can install discourse for internal use but You’ll have to make changes as required to block external access.
For example, You may have to configure firewall and optionally a reverse proxy to prevent access from outside the organization.

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Thank you. So discourse will take care of Postgres installation and taking backups right. Also, wanted to know how discourse and Postgres will behave once the data is huge for a forum.

They behave quite well. I manage several fairly high volume sites with standard installations (though I usually use the 2 container configuration).