Do I need to install Discourse?

This thread will sound a bit layman-ish since I’m not a developer. I run a company with a pretty small dev team, and since we’re slammed with bigger projects, I’ve taken it upon myself to do as much work on this forum as I can on my own.

I’m still on my 14 day trial, but I’ve already customized the the design to my liking. I was assuming the next step would be changing the domain to, and have the devs do the SSO with our site’s database, and we’d be up and running.

Is it really that simple? I’ve been seeing posts about installations and that sounds a bit more involved than I was anticipating, and they’re worrying me a bit.

I assumed Discourse would be hosting the forum like they are now for the trial, but if installation is a part of this process, the what does that mean for my plan of “doing all the work so the devs don’t have to”?

What are all the things that need to be done for me to have a working forum under my domain name with user accounts that connect my site?


Ok I did more reading and I think I understand it now. The $100/mo price only applies if you guys are hosting everything. But if I’m hosting it myself then it’s free?

Since I expected to be paying for this, I’m guessing that my original assumption that all I’d have to do is change the domain and do the single sign on set up and things would be good to go?

You guys would still handle all the email notifications and everything as usual, and I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing?

Discourse is available as free software. If you install it yourself you have to support it yourself and provide the infrastructure.

You manage email yourself. Normally this is with a standard third party email service.

See more: What else do I need to take care of when self hosting? - #2 by merefield

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That’s it! If you’re not self hosting then you can ignore all of that install stuff and all of the stuff about installing plugins, and doing upgrades, and backups and a bunch of other stuff.

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Hey Robert! Could you go into more details on this please? How do I “manage email myself”?

Currently my Discourse forum knows to send in a tons of different emails (account creation, new replies, etc). So you’re saying after my trial is over I’ll have to do this myself?

Do you have any articles you could link me on how that would work? Thanks!

When your trial is over, you can choose to pay for the full service, in which case, you don’t need to do anything more.

If instead you choose to self host, you will need to take care of email and other things yourself as these are part of the service you will have chosen to forego.

Please follow the link I provided and the links in the linked post.

I did share this link via the above link, but here it is again: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

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Ahh, I see! Sorry about that. I am planning on just paying for the full service, so I should be good.