Discourse and Wordpress Integration

Hey team, we had just recently starting using discourse and have also installed the discourse plugin on Wordpress. We were wondering if it was possible to fetch the title of a topic and its interactions from Discourse post/topic onto our Wordpress post as compared to the comments and the comment thread which the Discourse plugin is already fetching. It would be great if we could have it done by the plugin itself or probably by using a shortcode. Would also like to hear about other methods that could help us out with this. Thanks in advance.

Hey there :slight_smile: and welcome!

Could you explain this a bit more, i.e. what your intended outcome is and why? Sorry but I’m just trying to understand why comments aren’t doing it for you here.

Perhaps your intended outcome is to recreate a “onebox-like” output in a wordpress post? In that case check out this topic for some possible style solutions:

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Hello Angus,

Thanks for responding back to me so soon. We basically wanted to fetch the topic and the title of the thread we had on discourse to our wordpress posts, but the discourse plugin that we have installed only allows us to show the thread of the topic of discourse on wordpress. The other issue is that the thread is written over the wordpress comments and completely takes over that spot. I had gone through the “onebox” type of an output you had shared with me and that seems fair. We could probably change the positioning of the onebox output on our posts on wordpress so it does not get written over our comments probably? Just looking for a little more clarity on this part and then we could probably try and integrate it on our wordpress posts.

Will be awaiting your response.

Hey @Maharshi,

I’ve written up a new section of the WP Discourse Tips and Tricks topic with a guide on how to display the metadata of a connected Discourse topic in Wordpress. Let me know if that answers your question :slight_smile: