Displaying "just" the topic from discourse on wordpress blog

Hello Team, good day.

I am trying to display just the topic (first post on the thread) on my Wordpress blog. I have researched thoroughly and am unable to achieve this through WP Discourse plugin.

Has someone been able to execute this??

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Ridhima_Sharma, did you check out the notes I added to tips and tricks in response to your similar request back in February? Or are you trying to achieve something else now?

Hey @angus,

Thank you for the response!

What I am looking for is just displaying the topic, without the comments on a WordPress blog.
The only options that I have seen so far are about managing comments.

So for instance, if I put the link for a particular thread in the WP Discourse plugin on WordPress site, I need this to be fetched and not the comments.

If there is any way to do this, I would love to know!

Looking forward to your response!

To give specific advice on that, here’s that same screenshot with indications of what I mean by “Topic metadata” and “First post”.

Also, when I say “embedding” I mean displaying these two items directly in a Wordpress page.

Topic metadata

Regarding embedding “topic metadata”, that is the subject of my previous response to your February post. I wrote up how to do that here:

First post

Regarding embedding the “first post”, I’ve explained how to do that here:

You could combine both of the above to embed that entire screenshot in a wordpress page or post. Both require Wordpress coding however, so you’ll need a Wordpress developer.

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Hey @angus

Thanks a lot for re-iterating. I was confused. :sweat_smile:

I will try to implement this with the help of a developer. Thanks again! Have a good day!

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