Discourse Android app requires Chrome Stable

Hi everyone and thanks for creating a wonderful communications tool,

Generally I don’t have a Google account on my Android devices. The Discourse app insists on Chrome stable. I’ve installed several versions that were said to be stable without success. Is there a definitive way to find Chrome stable for my device?
How do I tell if I have a stable version installed? How is Discourse determining that I don’t have a stable version?

Slack works fine in this regard but I like Discourse for other reasons.

The web version works fine btw as I’m using it now.

A dependency on a Google account is something only a few usually paid apps have. It just doesn’t make sense really. I’ve got a recent (stable?) chrome

Thanks in advance

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You must have this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.chrome&hl=en



Thanks for the reply. Sure that works but it still doesn’t really make sense. Why is this the only app I’ve ever seen with such requirements? If it only handles push notifications why does it matter what browser is installed? Other apps including Slack seem to be able to handle push without such a stringent requirement. Is Discourse open source, including the app? Could I recompile it without this requirement?

I’ll try downloading the Google play store version from a Google account and side-loading it but I bet it still won’t work

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Yep, go for your life.

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Is discourse even FLOSS? I refuse to use this app, this is malware…


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nobody is forcing you to use the Discourse App to use Discourse. It works 100% fine on Android.