Discourse-app container starts then silently stops

I didn’t perform any ‘non-standard’ install! I’ve, as actually described in the documentation, download the whole stuff from Github, changed the exposed ports only and ran the script:

  • I didn’t change anything in redis configuration, nor postgres.
  • I didn’t change anything for redis version.
    These pieces of software have been installed by the genuine discourse-setup script.

@pfaffman what do you mean by “editing the yml by hand”? Which yml do you talk about? There are plenty of .yml files in “containers”…

By the way, I have actually a reverse proxy on the box, which seems to have a simple config: multiple subdomain.conf files which define the redirection subdomain:80 → port XXX. Is it what’s required?

I’d recommend a standard install on a separate vm to see how things work before trying a very complex setup.

I don’t want a complex setup :blush:, just need to run Discourse along some other containers, which is what Docker is designed for…

Thanks again for your help!