Discourse has stopped opening

Hi dears,
unfortunately, my website http://specknz.me/ has stopped opening and I don’t really know what has caused it. Also I’ve got an error:

502 Bad Gateway

How could be it sort out without touching the Snapshot on the Digitalocean?
Thank you.

SSH inside and do the tree magic phrases:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

Thanks Rafael, I’ve already rebuilded the app, but it still doesn’t work.

Removing old container
+ /usr/bin/docker rm app

+ /usr/bin/docker run -d --restart=always -e LANG=en_US.UTF-8 -e RAILS_ENV=production -e UNICORN_WORKERS=3 -e UNICORN_SIDEKIQS=1 -e RUBY_GLOBAL_METHOD_CACHE_SIZE=131072 -e DISCOURSE_DB_SOCKET=/var/run/postgresql -e DISCOURSE_DB_HOST= -e DISCOURSE_DB_PORT= -e DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME=speckme.nz -e DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS=tamerlanium@gmail.com -e DISCOURSE_SMTP_ADDRESS=smtp.gmail.com -h discourse-app -e DOCKER_HOST_IP= --name app -t -p 25654:80 -p 443:443 -v /var/discourse/shared/standalone:/shared -v /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/var-log:/var/log --mac-address 02:f9:8c:dd:3d:63 local_discourse/app /sbin/boot
root@discourse:/var/discourse# reboot

Broadcast message from itamerlanium@discourse
	(/dev/pts/0) at 18:51 ...

The system is going down for reboot NOW!
root@discourse:/var/discourse# Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

I didn’t understood the log, why the reboot after the rebuild?


I tried to open the website before and after the reboot, anyway it doesn’t work.

Please tail the logs. My bet is a wrong permission so start by tailing nginx log.

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Unfortunately the access.log is empty. I found some logs through the error files.

access.log  error.log.1     error.log.3.gz
error.log   error.log.2.gz  error.log.4.gz

 GNU nano 2.2.6             File: error.log.1

2016/07/19 00:22:26 [emerg] 1536#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$
2016/07/19 17:31:32 [emerg] 1525#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$
2016/07/19 17:39:44 [emerg] 4211#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$
2016/07/24 07:27:11 [emerg] 1499#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$
2016/07/24 18:13:19 [emerg] 1537#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$
2016/07/24 18:52:03 [emerg] 1542#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$
2016/07/24 22:57:59 [emerg] 1540#0: BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/specknz$

  GNU nano 2.2.6            File: error.log.4.gz

skչK��=�^XE�^C�^F^U���V��/·Y�*^PB/e�oև̇>�+f<� ��^@L �^AGmP�� n��~Ÿ^@^]�^Cd7i�̸^W�$
�}H^Rg˒�2gWɞ�9ەv�V�,�%�Օ?JM�^D�^?��U�e,.vY^Õ��zXʏ^U^R9�ҏǏ؏ȏ,ŏX�{$^_(��  {rؽ�Y^@
ӹt^B��jDɝهk&p^B�(x�^Ç^V(e^S�"^U�)�+�+D^S8�O^S�_a+�^�VrL͇^]ɇ_!��  {Rؽ�YE��ތ�Q4掣+$
,�oWi~����ŹQ�ŹŹ^Wdֹ¹!^H^@^N �ܗ�ݰ,�q+�ǰu��9~-X��oٰa=V8��ΰưU���|�2�ٰ���-^^V�^W6� ^D�$
1��?5HC�x� [2�`�`^@^H��^N�
]Ϲ_�^]ı�C�^RSԃڃ^Fу8��A^B�i��ʐ^Lz4H^^6d Qq�^W��A��a?�R{^[2C��ѐ Ðj^~�Ɓ^R�7�^OG�p�$
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What does

./launcher logs app

give you?

Our nginx logs are actually in /shared/log/var-log/nginx


Those emerg entries on the nginx log mean he’s not gonna run. This is a problem with your ssl setup, it is missing deparams.

I recommend setting up ssl again.


Unfortunately, it gives nothing.

root@discourse:~# ./launcher logs app
-su: ./launcher: No such file or directory

root@discourse:/# cd /shared/log/var-log/nginx
-su: cd: /shared/log/var-log/nginx: No such file or directory

Yeah, this is the problem. (“Emerg” = Emergency)


I went through this tutorial How To Install Discourse Behind Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean to recreate SSL Certificate on Nginx for Ubuntu 14.04 and got a message.

root@discourse:/opt/letsencrypt# ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --standalone --email tamerlanium@gmail.com --agree-tos -d specknz.me

The program exe (process ID 1304) is already listening on TCP port   │
   │ 443. This will prevent us from binding to that port. Please stop the │
   │ exe program temporarily and then try again.

At least one of the (possibly) required ports is already taken.

root@discourse:/opt/letsencrypt# cd /etc/letsencrypt/live
-su: cd: /etc/letsencrypt/live: No such file or directory

root@discourse:/opt/letsencrypt# ls
acme                        letsencrypt-nginx
certbot                     letshelp-certbot
certbot-apache              letshelp-letsencrypt
certbot-auto                LICENSE.txt
certbot-compatibility-test  linter_plugin.py
certbot-nginx               MANIFEST.in
CHANGES.rst                 pep8.travis.sh
CONTRIBUTING.md             README.rst
docker-compose.yml          readthedocs.org.requirements.txt
Dockerfile                  setup.cfg
Dockerfile-dev              setup.py
docs                        tests
examples                    tools
letsencrypt                 tox.cover.sh
letsencrypt-apache          tox.ini
letsencrypt-auto            Vagrantfile

And didn’t get a response similar to this:

Let’s Encrypt Output

  • If you lose your account credentials, you can recover through
    e-mails sent to sammy@example.com.
  • Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at
    /etc/letsencrypt/live/discourse.example.com/fullchain.pem. Your
    cert will expire on 2016-04-26. To obtain a new version of the
    certificate in the future, simply run Let’s Encrypt again.
  • Your account credentials have been saved in your Let’s Encrypt
    configuration directory at /etc/letsencrypt. You should make a
    secure backup of this folder now. This configuration directory will
    also contain certificates and private keys obtained by Let’s
    Encrypt so making regular backups of this folder is ideal.

Hmm how was your Discourse instance setup? Are you on the docker based install?

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Yeah, it have been installed through the Docker instance.

Try following

to install a Let’s Encrypt cert instead


Sorry Guo, should I rebuild the Discourse container?

4. Rebuild your container

./launcher rebuild <container name>


Can you please try rebuilding?

Please SSH into your server and run:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app


run ./launcher rebuild app

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Ups I missed it :slight_smile:
I’ve resized the Droplet to 1Gb by the using SWAP and tried to rebuild it, but it didn’t help me. However, yesterday I rebuild it successfully.

if ($http_host != $$ENV_DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME) {
   rewrite (.*) https://$$ENV_DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME$1 permanent;
} in /etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf
I, [2016-07-27T06:45:30.779342 #13]  INFO -- : > if [ -z "$LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL" ]; then echo "LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL ENV variable is required and has not been set."; exit 1; fi
I, [2016-07-27T06:45:30.782199 #13]  INFO -- : LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL ENV variable is required and has not been set.

I, [2016-07-27T06:45:30.789702 #13]  INFO -- : Terminating async processes
I, [2016-07-27T06:45:30.790433 #13]  INFO -- : Sending INT to HOME=/var/lib/postgresql USER=postgres exec chpst -u postgres:postgres:ssl-cert -U postgres:postgres:ssl-cert /usr/lib/postgresql/9.5/bin/postmaster -D /etc/postgresql/9.5/main pid: 42
2016-07-27 06:45:30 UTC [42-2] LOG:  received fast shutdown request
2016-07-27 06:45:30 UTC [42-3] LOG:  aborting any active transactions
2016-07-27 06:45:30 UTC [49-2] LOG:  autovacuum launcher shutting down
I, [2016-07-27T06:45:30.801912 #13]  INFO -- : Sending TERM to exec chpst -u redis -U redis /usr/bin/redis-server /etc/redis/redis.conf pid: 155
155:signal-handler (1469601930) Received SIGTERM scheduling shutdown...
2016-07-27 06:45:30 UTC [46-1] LOG:  shutting down
2016-07-27 06:45:30 UTC [46-2] LOG:  database system is shut down
155:M 27 Jul 06:45:30.851 # User requested shutdown...
155:M 27 Jul 06:45:30.852 * Saving the final RDB snapshot before exiting.
155:M 27 Jul 06:45:30.990 * DB saved on disk
155:M 27 Jul 06:45:30.990 # Redis is now ready to exit, bye bye...

Pups::ExecError: if [ -z "$LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL" ]; then echo "LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL ENV variable is required and has not been set."; exit 1; fi failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 3087 exit 1>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:108:in `spawn'
exec failed with the params {"cmd"=>["if [ -z \"$LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL\" ]; then echo \"LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL ENV variable is required and has not been set.\"; exit 1; fi", "/bin/bash -c \"if [[ ! \\\"$LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL\\\" =~ ([^@]+)@([^\\.]+) ]]; then echo \\\"LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL is not a valid email address\\\"; exit 1; fi\""]}
** FAILED TO BOOTSTRAP ** please scroll up and look for earlier error messages, there may be more than one

LETSENCRYPT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL ENV variable is required and has not been set.

hmmm… is that set?