Discourse app misbehavior in Android app switch

Can the Discourse App for Android check if it incorrectly specified a gesture sensitivity?

The Discourse app tends for Android tends to misinterpret the gesture while in the app switcher. When trying to switch switch to the app with a touch, it almost always Closes the app instead.

Just for this app, it tends to interpret a touch (activate) as a swipe-up (close app). I suspect the OS gesture sensitivity is being overridden by the app because none of the other apps anywhere NEAR as sensitive.

With the Discourse app, I must press & hold to avoid a Swipe Up. Even then, if I do not take especial care to lift STRAIGHT up, it may still swipe.

That’s the PWA app right? If so that is out of control as it’s managed by Chrome / Android.


I’m not aware of who/what created it. I’m a user (and nominally a moderator) of a Discourse forum, not an admin.

However, the behavior is occurring BEFORE the Android OS hands off to the App. So that implies Chrome should not be the culprit.

I would expect this be related to how the app register itself with the OS during the OnCreate part of the code? (I assume there would have to be a registration to allow various actions to be prohibited.) In that registration, I wonder if the developer set it to pass too many parameters? (Like CSS it should only be setting those that are critical and different from the default. All the rest should be inherited from the parent settings.)

Took awhile to identify this tool. To rediscover its origin (it was installed 2.5 years ago & I’ve slept since then), it was necessary to uninstall and find where the App was proffered.

Yes, it was the Chrome PWA. Reinstalling cleared the Gesture oversensitivity for Swipe-up.

If a developer has to do anything to make the Discourse PWA for hosted sites “installable”, perhaps there is a registration or string setting to make the App Info’s provenance more explicit?

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