Discourse Hub doesn't open forums in their PWAs

Forum links in Discourse Hub on Android always open in Chrome, even when the forum is installed as PWA.

Is that expected behaviour? Shouldn’t all links open in their respective PWAs?

(Always open supported links is enabled in settings for the PWA and the forum link is registered.)


This is a change we will definitely be exploring when we update our Android app next.

In fact I am thinking we will just drop chrome tab altogether in the Android app and always rely on PWA for opening specific forums.

cc @Falco / @pmusaraj


Any new developments with the Discourse app and PWA?

I don’t understand what we have to gain here.

If you already have a Discourse forum installed as a WebAPK on your android phone, why are you adding it to DiscourseHub?


I’m using many forums based on Discourse and the hub provides one convenient view of new replies and notifications across them all.

I usually open the hub, and then open a specific forum with new content, but since it is opened inside the hub I then have to navigate all the way back to the start page of the hub to access other forums.

If each forum opened in their corresponding PWA it would make navigation between different forums much easier.

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I actually support this change cause we get to junk the whole chrome tab thing that people seem to dislike. It means the Android build of the app becomes simpler and has less moving parts.

@pmusaraj I am curious how simple it would be just to junk chrome tab? I recall @tgxworld showed me how slow chorme tab was compared to the PWA, it is not fun and simply opening a PWA if it exists and default browser if it does not seems like a far better default.


I think that’s easy to do, in fact we trigger a browser prompt now if Chrome isn’t installed. I have not tested with a PWA installed, curious to see if it picks that up automatically or if it still triggers the prompt.


A installed PWA via WebAPK will automatically register in the OS to handle URLs under the service worker scope. So it will work provided DiscourseHub doesn’t use webviews anymore and use normal links.

What about the push notifications? Users will see double notifications if they use both :thinking:


We can certainly account for it, simplest solution is just to disable push notifications in the app for Android. Or at least provide a switch for it


I have posted a beta version (1.6.2) of DiscourseHub for Android that removes Chrome Custom Tabs and triggers a browser prompt, which in turn will display the installed PWA matching the site.

For push notifications, I have made no changes, I think users using both the app and its PWA will need to disable at the system level notifications for one of the two.


Thanks, it works great!


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