Discourse as a closed wiki

I’m helping to build a wiki to create, collaborate, edit, and share Q&A messaging in an organized way. Does anyone have experience/ recommendations for this?
It needs to be a closed network, lots of cloud storage, easy mobile access (preferably an app), great search features, collaboration, revision control, team control, low cost. I’m not sure on number of users- could be 10 users, 20 guests.
This is also for a non-profit, if it helps.

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Using Discourse to create wikis comes up regularly, e.g. Using Posts as a Wiki?

Here is a set of posts which are not a Wiki, they do give an idea of the indexing, organization and what can be done with Discourse that would appear as a Wiki. QuickFile Knowledge Base

As many will note and based on all of what you desire, you should not try to force the app (Discourage) into a Wiki, but look for another app the is better as a Wiki. Keep in mind that if you self-host you can have both Discourse and other software running on the same machine.

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Here’s how Discourse would work for your use case:

Set to invite only.

Solved via Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 Clones)

Use Discourse on a mobile device and see if it meets your standards.

They are adequate out of the box.

Groups and permissions per category.

It is basic for Discourse wiki topics, but basic works for many folks.

$5/month plus cloud storage (itself possibly pennies a month)

I don’t pitch Discourse as a wiki on it’s own, more like having a collaborative space with wiki-like editing, among the other communication features Discourse uses to keep folks in touch.

Ganbatte! :slight_smile:


I think you missed one of the most important ones. Make the page a wiki so it can be collaboratively edited.

Discourse is usually best suited to communities who need ‘wiki-lite’ functionality. If you’re primarily looking for a wiki with added collaboration tools then you may want to look at other products beforehand.