How can i turn my discourse in to a wiki ? are there any comercial plugins or workaround solution avaiable?

Hi all ,
How can i make a wiki with discourse for our company ? are there any comercial plugins or workaround solution avaiable inside discourse ?
I tried to search almost of posts about “wiki” in this forum but it is no luck for me…
It is seems that we only do some wiki style post but not for a real wiki…
I wonder that :
1 - what are the differences betweent standard wiki ( ) vs discourse wiki post 's style ?

2 -Can some some show me some demo ( link) about discourse wiki so i can imagine that how wiki live with discourse ?
Thanks so much !

I don’t think there any reliable way to do this.
If you want a wiki, you should consider using a wiki engine, not a forum engine :thinking:


:smiley: is there any simple demo of wiki style using discourse ?
I think that we dont need a heavy wiki engine for some simple cases :slight_smile:

Make new topics wikis by default in category settings if you were to use discourse it may be useful?


Do you have a Discourse of your own?

If not see How can I make a post Wiki? - discourse - Demo