Discourse as internal task manager

There are many topics here on meta on how different folks use discourse as internal task manager. I loved the potential and have migrated our team to it.

Here is how we are using it so far:

  • We have categories (and sub-categories) for teams/functions inside our company
  • Tasks (aka topics) are created and assigned to colleagues.
  • I (admin/moderator) can “snooze” my personal tasks like gmail by closing topics temporarily. Other users can’t use this snooze though.
  • Added a top navigation link to “Assigned” tasks which is /latest?status=open&&assigned=me

I would love to have this additional functionality to make it a dream task manager:

  • A mark “Done” functionality that assigns the topic back to OP and probably adds a tag “review”. A single step would be nice.
  • A snooze button that can hide the task from a “Assigned” list till a future date/time. And unhide it at appropriate time.
  • A completed button for the OP to tag the task as completed. This will hide the task from assigned list.
  • Snooze should be available to all internal users and also available as a bulk option in the Assigned list.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the new functionality.

Any suggestions on how we could do this with existing core/plugin functionality? Tickets plugin seems to be overkill and still does not give Snooze.


You may want to take a look at Using discourse as ticket system, so no balls are dropped :woman_juggling:. Even without installing the tickets plugin you can get pretty far with discourse core features.

My fave is the weekly assigned email, with my 3 newest and 3 oldest assigned topics. So handy!


I think you missed the recent change to bookmarks? Try bookmarking this post, for example…

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I just noticed this feature on Meta!! So cool! How do I get this on my instance? is if from a plugin?

It’s part of core but still being tested here. Will be available to everyone soon, I hope.


Thanks for the link! Don’t know how I missed this. AMAAAAZING!