Discourse as knowledge base for a chat bot

I am interested to host a chat bot that can use discourse content as a knowledge base to respond to forum user queries.

Example: My Discourse is say about Food and Categories are cuisines, topics are recipes.

Q: What is the recipe of < Existing Dish @ Discourse >?
A: Here it is: < Discourse Topic Summary + URL >

Q: How do I prepare < Non Existing Dish >
A: Here are a few relevant dishes < All with keywords in the question >

Is something available for this?

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Any chat bot that can read from an open API should be able to do it. What chat bots are you looking at?


Any suggestions for the chat bot?
Has this been done before over discourse?

Errrr… did you completely ignore the PM from discobot when you first created your account? I suggest not ignoring it, and then you can answer many of your own questions.

What is the knowledge base for this discobot?
How can I use discourse content itself as Knowledge base to answer users questions

Can someone help please?
How do i make discourse content as a way to answer questions raised to discobot

You would need to hire a programmer here, it would be a very complicated project, nothing exists out of the box to solve this.