Discourse as WP comments system

I want to be sure before i embark into implementation.
What i need is have discourse as both a forum and WP comments system.
In my ideal world it should work like this:

  1. Someone creates a new post under custom post type 1.
  2. Discourse generates a new thread for it under sub-forum “custom post type 1”
  3. The thread can me embedded under the WP post.
  4. Replying on either the forum or the comment will add to the same thread (same database just displayed on 2 places).
  5. Login in Wordpress logs you in the forum/comments too.

Is this something that can happen even with some tinkering? I know the login part is pretty much a done deal as for the rest not so sure.

Please let me know!


Everything you are looking for more or less exists now, except for your fourth requirement. Replies to the post can only be generated on Discourse, not on WordPress. This is by design, but I’ve been wondering if it’s time to change that.

It would be technically possible to allow users to create comments on either WordPress or Discourse if WordPress was configured to be the DiscourseConnect provider for the Discourse site. It would take a fair amount of work to get this right, but I can see how it could be useful for the case where Discourse is functioning as the comment system for a Discourse site.

I’m not sure if this distinction makes sense to others, but the way I’ve been thinking about this is to make a distinction between comments and discussions. Replies to a WordPress post (or any embedded post) are probably better thought of as comments than as being part of a discussion. The advantage that Discourse offers over traditional comment systems is that comments could become the starting point of new topics that actually are discussions. (I’ll post about this in more detail in a separate topic soon.)

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So it will create a new discussion when a new post is published and can be shown under the WP post but to reply they will have to go to the forum

So the Topic is the wp-post-title
The first post content is the wp-content
And the OP is the post-author.
And the replies are like “comments”

If that’s the case it would be cool.
And thanks for helping me out!