Discourse Authorship Plugin

Summary: This plugin lets a selected user impersonate any other user when creating posts and likes.

:warning: Giving someone the ability to impersonate any user when posting or liking is extremely powerful, so use this with care. Giving this power to a non admin user is possible, but not recommended.

:link: GitHub: GitHub - angusmcleod/discourse-authorship: Manage authorship of posts and likes
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


This is work done for a client some time ago that can now be open sourced. This is not an official Pavilion plugin and won’t be extended unless there is significant interest in it. It is being open sourced now due to a number of enquiries about the reference here:


  • Select an admin user who has authorship powers
  • The user with authorship powers can select other users to author content with
  • The user can create posts and like posts as other users


  • Set the user with authorship powers using the author selection username site setting
  • User with authorship powers can select the users they can create content with in their “user interface” settings
  • User with authorship powers can select from list of users when creating posts or toggling likes


  • This plugin is designed to be compatible with the presence plugin.


Select a user to like with


Select a user to post with