Discourse-automation - Trust Level changes and available on hosting?

Hey, Everyone,

Some quick questions:

  1. Can discourse-automation trigger an action based on someone’s Trust Level changing For example, I would like an automation to trigger when someone hits Trust Level 2.

  2. Can the plugin trigger external events? E.g. can it send an email or integrate with a Zapier integration?

  3. Is there a way to get this plugin included on Discourse’s hosting service?

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Can you describe the problem you’re trying to solve rather than your solution? What are you trying to do?

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Hi @jonobacon

Yes it’s already possible.

It doesn’t ATM but a Zapier integration would probably be a good idea and something easy to do.

We are working on this, so hopefully rather soon.


I actually worked on it today because I think this is a very important feature to have:

It should be available in the next days. For now it will be available to use with user_promoted and user_added_to_group scripts.


I like to use the Trust Levels as a means to trigger recognition. For example, when someone hits Trust Level 2, this would happen:

  • A moderator is notified so they can send the person a personal thank-you DM.
  • An email is sent to them thanking them for their participation.
  • A social media message is sent thanking them for their participation.

Make sense?

This is awesome, @joffreyjaffeux - thanks for your interest in working on this! :love_you_gesture:

I think Zapier integration will open the doors to so many different things given the broad variety of platforms Zapier supports.

Thrilled to hear that discourse-automation may be coming to the hosting plans, any thoughts on when that might viably be? I am running a training course on launching a Discourse community in 12 weeks and Discourse hosting is included, would love to be able to cover discourse-automation in the course with the Zapier integration if possible.



You already get a DM for reaching a new trust level, maybe you customise the text, instead of sending a second one. Usually you are also notified via e-mail about a DM, so it could become a little too much then.


We are aiming to have things ready by March. There are a lot of moving parts with this plugin so we have been careful not to rush things out too quickly.

That sounds amazing! One thing you’ll want to note is that discourse-automation will be limited to our Business and Enterprise tier hosting plans. This will be reflected on our website once it has been added to our hosting, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you are already starting to plan things out.


Awesome, you rock. Thanks!

Aha! Great to know. Thanks!


I thought this could be so useful that I actually added user_promoted event to our webhooks.

You will now have access to this event when creating a webhook:

Which would then show something like this in your webhooks list:

You won’t need discourse-automation for this anymore, and it’s available for everyone (on main branch for now).


Wow, this is awesome. Thanks!

I am rather embarrassed to admit I have never used webhooks before, so forgive my ignorance, but will this enable me to create an individual webhook for a specific trust level change (e.g. someone goes from TL1 to TL2)?



Dont be embarassed, it’s probably our fault to not emphasize them enough.

Sadly no, you can’t decide this from the webhook, this is one area where automation will shine as it will give more control. However, you can check the trust level in Zapier and do something only if trust_level = 3 for example, so far you will have no info on previous trust_level, I could look at this but Im not sure that’s necessary, reaching a specific TL should be good for most use cases no?


Ahhh, I see. So when the webhook fires, the new TL is passed, is that correct?

If so, yes, I think I can just use Zapier to create a condition based on the data. :slight_smile:


When the webhook is fired you get the whole user data using (UserSerializer), and yes it includes trust_level.


Awesome, thanks! Appreciate the great work!


And it is live on our hosting plans:

Thank you for pushing us on this @jonobacon :hugs:


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