Is it possible for Trust Levels to be affected by non-discourse events

:wave: First-time poster, so I hope I’m putting this in the right place. Please do point me in a better direction for “is this possible?” questions, if one exists.

I’m considering using Discourse to act as the discussion layer beneath a community that is running events in global locations. I love the principle of the trust system, but I’d also love to have a canonical view of a users’ Trust Level based on all their activity in our community (e.g. as they attend more events or if they submit articles to the site, that makes them more trust worthy).

How feasible is something like this? My assumption, based on what I’ve read around here, is that the answer is “Not out of the box, but you could potentially write your own plugin to achieve that”.

Is that about right? Has someone else already done something like this? :thinking:

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I think that perhaps what you want to do can be achieved with groups, rather than trust level. There are just 5 trust levels (0-4), and really TL4 isn’t automatically granted.

You can change user’s trust level with the API, but having a bunch of other variables affect trust level would take a plugin.

It seems fairly unlikely that someone who attends a bunch of your events but doesn’t participate in the forum enough to be promoted there should be promoted anyway. Even if you “trust” them, they still won’t understand the norms of the online community. You could do something with the API to make sure that these “trusted” people got promoted to TL1 or 2, though.