Discourse Basic Editor - Beginner friendly composer!

Hi, I am working on a plugin at the moment that replaces the standard editor with a wysiwg editor. I think its easier for beginner users like myself and others. Here is a short video on how it works so far and what my plans are:

I think it will be finished in the next few months ( depending on my motivation :smiley: ) I would be interested if others are interested in using this as well.
Thaaaanks :slightly_smiling_face:
PS: after this is done I will rewrite all the other plugins I did so far to be based on this editor. There are some features I plan that will enable other plugins to use this plugin as a kind of api to replace the composer and the post cooking process with something custom. For a project I am working on this already works quite well. The issue is that right now some plugins that modify the composer are mutually exclusive. And if both are activated there will be trouble. I think this plugin can help resolve this issue. Here is the repo: GitHub - spirobel/discourse-basic-editor

Well done! An incredible initiative and we are already testing it in our discourse composition!
Will be glad to help with Russian translation and bug reports.

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Pretty cool initiative!

I see you went with CKEditor. Did you test any others?

For example https://trix-editor.org/ is the one incorporated in Rails 6, the most popular https://www.slatejs.org/examples/richtext, or the minimalist pell - jaredreich.com.


The way the composer should be, bloody brilliant! I have some nit-picky feedback but that can wait since you’re just in the beginning stages.