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The Discourse blog seems to be mostly for big announcements, with a post every month or two. Is there a place where a Discourse potential customer or current aficionado can read about updates to the software? (not meta probably, too specific with lots of posts)

This stems from looking at the NodeBB and Vanilla blogs, which update fairly frequently. So if I take a month off to live life, I can come back and read their blog to see what’s been going on. Discourse arguably has more going on, and I know there are a lot of people waiting to see what happens and hoping to switch to Discourse or start a Discourse forum anew in 2014.

The standard answer is here:

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Alrighty, but someone around these parts once said something about blogging every week day and success and yada yada yada. It might be cool to have a more frequent digest of goings-on.

Also, a lot of people want to use Discourse as a blog comment system, and a good way to show that is robust comments on blog.discourse.com.

Well codinghorror.com will be switching to Discourse next week, so hopefully that will meet your needs.

The “blogging every day” stuff we do is right here on this forum:

Or more deeply!


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