Discourse Cakeday! (Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries)

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Cakeday decorates user avatars with a celebratory emoji on the anniversary of their joining day, and (optionally) on their birthday too. :cake: :birthday:
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-cakeday
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


  • Emojis displayed can be customized
  • Automatically uses join date, adds optional birthday field in user prefs
  • Browsable directory of anniversary / birthdays
  • Modify relevant site settings by searching for “cakeday”




Hi there,

Just wondering if there was any way to pull up a list of members who are celebrating cakeday similar to Data Explorer?

Or better yet, a separate page with a list of members celebrating their cakedays similar to Discourse Gamification?

Thanks! :+1:

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There is indeed. It’s normally in your hamburger menu, but you can also access it directly from [YourSite]/cakeday/anniversaries/today :+1: Let me know if that doesn’t work for you. :slight_smile:


For some reason it didn’t appear in the hamburger menu for our site but thanks nonetheless! :heart_eyes:


Check /admin/plugins to see if discourse-cakeday plugin is installed and enabled.


on two self-hosted Discourse installations I get an error 500 when opening the cakeday url:

während des Ladens [/cakeday/anniversaries?timezone_offset=-60&filter=today](https://www.sidemount-forum.com/cakeday/anniversaries?timezone_offset=-60&filter=today)
Fehlercode: 500 Internal Server Error

Is this a general problem or a problem on my side?

Kind regards and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing it’s the same error as here


Ah yes that could be. The Animated Avatar plugin is active and also in use (at the moment only by myself).

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