How to automatically create a post in a category when there's a birthday?

Hi everyone!

I am using this plugin in my community and I would like to know if, by any chance, the could be a possibility of creating automatic posts in a certain category when it’s someones bday. That way I can avoid the daily manual check…

Any ideas are more than welcome!

(I was thinking maybe an automation with make or zapier, although not sure the plugin will serve for that purpose)


What you want is a notification for every user’s birthday?

Hi @pfaffman , nice greeting you again around here :slight_smile:

A notification for each bday would be nice, although I would love to be able to have an automated post that day at a certain hour and category too.

Any thoughts?

Maybe look at the automation plugin?

I think you might need to either add to the automation plugin or create a new one.

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create a new plugin? If you mean that, I don’t know if it’s something that could interest us… but I will definitely have the team check out the automation plugin and see if they can manage to do something :slight_smile: