Discourse-cakeday/client.en.yml contains an empty translation string

Hi, yesterday @neil pushed the Cakeday files to Transifex for translation. Thank you very much!

One empty string is being called for (an impossible) translation in the client file, see number 6 at https://www.transifex.com/discourse/discourse-org/viewstrings/#ca/discourse-cakedayclientenyml

It’s just a harmless detail, but just in case you aim for perfection… :wink:


It’s translated as an empty string in english, so… I guess that’s correct? @quimgil What do you suggest we do?

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If it´s complicated, then we can just ignore this. :slight_smile: Translations will be at 99%, they will show a blank space in English and that’s it.

Actually it isn’t an empty string, it has space. Transifex doesn’t accept a space as a translation of a space (seriously, although I can see the point).

What is the function of that space? Can it be either eliminated or converted in really an empty string "" (which maybe it is ignored by Transifex)?

As said, if this is too much trouble for a space then let’s just leave it.


I found that quite annoy too.

But Discourse always fallback to English so there is no problem to see the empty item. The trick for Transifex is to download and upload it up again for correct translation.


Mmm why? :thinking:
Put the RAW mode "on" at transifex, and copy the “blank space” for english to your language.
And that’s it! 100% translated :wink:


Hold my beer! It’s in the gear dropdown on top right corner.

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