Discourse Chat list interfaces (the number of unread chats disappeared)

During the recent update, the number of new/unread chats in the interface disappeared. Please see attached picture. Instead they are blue dot, they used to be number of unread chats. Could you please let me know if we can turn this interface back to the number?

Also, we tried archive the chat history into the post function every month. we found the backup stops at certain number of posts/replied being created. and not all the chat history got backup. Please let us know how to improve it. thanks

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As part of improving how indicators appear for channels that have threads with new messages, we decided to remove the number for channels. The number still appears for personal chats, I believe.

I am not sure if the data is still available on the front end to bring this back with a customization.

We don’t currently plan to bring this in the UI back, but understanding why you miss it would help.

Can you start a separate topic for this discussion?


Thanks for the clarification. This feedback comes directly from our users. Our community heavily uses channel chats. Some of them would like to track how many new messages they missed. However, I’m not certain how representative these opinions are of the larger user base. I will find out more.


Here is the vote from our community sorry it is in Chinese, and not many people participated . The results shows 74% people still prefer to see the unread msg counts.