Deleting a chat messages shows old messages as unread

When I delete a chat message, or move to another channel, then next time I login new message indicator of the chat shows amount X unread messages. It happends to every users.

Amount X because first I thought it shows everything as new, but that is not a situation. Then I reckoned indicator shows amount of messages minus this day, but that wasn’t true either. So I can’t guess where that amount of unread comes from, but it is ridiculous large.

I can’t say excacly when it started but I would claim when I upgraded to 3.1.0.beta4 (06893d8505)

And no, I haven’t tried upgrading. Yet.

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The chat is still heavily worked on, can you tell us if you still encounter the issue after you’ve upgraded, before we try to repro?


No need to upgrade, this is a recent regression I think, will most likely be fixed by the end of the week.


We have identified the issue and root cause, we will try to issue a fix tomorrow :+1:


We just merged this fix which we expect to fix your issue:


A quick test showed no issues. Thanks!


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