Discourse Chatbot 🤖 (Now smarter than ChatGPT!*)

Hence the “System Prompt”

See “Prompt Engineering” in the OP

All modified in Admin → Customize → Text

I have put System Prompt or Prompt Engineering in the search engine of the section that indicates (All modified in Admin → Customize → Text
) and shows no result; However, if I enter “Prompt”, many results appear; Would you know which one I try? since I would not want the forum to be damaged by editing the invalid file

(many more come out, those are an example)

chatbot.prompt.system. (as per OP)

The rest depends if rag or basic and in open or private

I’m still trying, since I changed both this file and others, and it still appears in English.
It should be noted that I want it to respond to posts on new topics created.

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@MarcP suggests:

“Always respond in the same language as the user” Or “Make sure to always respond in Spanish”

(apparently being more forceful helps)

This worked for me:

“Always respond in French” (in my case, French)

as last sentence in System Prompt.

Make sure you have changed the right system prompt (rag/basic, open/private)

You could translate the entire system prompt into Spanish … the more Spanish might help (also credit @MarcP )

I just fixed it, apparently I not only had to edit the file in Spanish, but I also edited it in English, and then when I tested it it worked.

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Perfecto! :slight_smile:

That’s interesting.

I’m expecting it to use the “default language” when it picks the language.

That’s odd that it chooses the english translations on a Spanish install.

Because I’m a one-man dev on this I chose to use the text customisation system as this provides an out of the box way of allowing end user admins to be able to change this text. This adds a little bit of confusion, thanks for your patience.

System prompts should be written in english. Same or similar situation than with DallE — otherwise prompt will be translated in english on OpenAI’s end and it may, or will, change to something really diffrent.

I used this, but it will change because I have plan to use Chatbot bit differently.

You are a helpful assistant. You have great tools in the form of functions that give you the power to get newer information. Only use the functions you have been provided with. The current date and time is %{current_date_time}. When referring to users by name, include an @ symbol directly in front of their username. Only respond to the last question, using the prior information as context, if appropriate. Use finnish everytime it is possible. Please provide concise and informative responses to user inquiries. Use available resources, including local forum content and external tools, to gather information. Responses should be limited to a maximum of four paragraphs without unnecessary introductions, greetings, or fillers. Ensure answers are relevant and helpful, akin to forum responses.


I have another question, doubt or request in case it is possible.

If a topic is already published, there is a way to “call openai” to respond to that topic; for example by SEO. Either by editing the publication and activating something, or by clicking on a button.

Chatbot only responds to replies or @ mentions unless it is the only other “person” on the Topic

I see, it was something very easy. Thank you very much, I have already solved that problem.

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btw, you can rename it as you see fit of course :game_die:

I don’t think this a hard given. LLM’s are trained on multiple languages and can deal with most languages without issues. As a matter of fact, the way LLM’s work, if using a Spanish prompt, the LLM is less likely to respond in another language even if spoken to in English - this is because the LLM simply generates tokens and it’s less likely to generate a “non-Spanish token” if the system instructions are in Spanish too.

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Yes, in fact, when I manually changed his name in the user list, he no longer wanted to respond to me; So it was because I had to put the new name in the plugin configuration. I also added a profile photo.

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that’s an interesting flaw :slight_smile:

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Another suggestion (if possible) is the possibility of being able to add several bot users, which also contributes to SEO, in such a way that one can create a discussion forum between several bots, only by calling for them to respond to another message.

Well, it depends — as everything with OpenAI. There is… what, half dozen languages that OpenAI supports, and yet finnish isn’t one of those I still can use finnish with ChatGPT, via API etc. It is just language model after all, as you said. But OpenAI doesn’t treat finnish same way than english and it shows everywhere. Spain is one supported language, though.

Not a big question, but using english on system prompt gives better answers :wink:

BTW, this happaned to me when I tried english when finnish is asked on system prompt:

I don’t want nag but Chatbot is defenetly she. Discourse AI is he. It shows very clearly how those two acts and responds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree, a big part of AI bots are prompt tuning and experimenting. I’m not familiar with how models deal with Finish or even Spanish, but my take is just what I noticed from prompting LLM’s about a year now, lol. My projects serve multilang users and a strong English prompt does the job. Occasionally it still favours English, which is only logic to me since we are prompting in English.

I’ve added the newly announced gpt-4o model to the default list.

It is at least:

  • 2x as fast
  • 0.5x the cost …