Discourse component </head> section scripts are not loading on the browser sometimes after upgrading to discourse 2.8.0.beta7 & beta8

While customizing the discourse site (before discourse 2.7.0), i have placed some custom java scripts in
</head> section of component. Also, triggering those scripts on discourse events like decorateWidget, onAppEvent & onPageChange. In the earlier version of discourse, all things are goes well.

Currently we have upgraded the discourse version to 2.8.0.beta8. Once we upgraded to latest version, we are facing some issues mentioned below,

  • On the topic page, our </head> section custom scripts are not loaded sometimes in browser even hard loaded the page when user logged out.

  • On the topic page, sometime </head> section scripts loaded fine when user logged out. Once logged in through SSO, the section failed to load on the page browser sometimes.

  • When the </head> sections are failed to load on the page, Header section scripts are loading every time on the browser without any issue.

We are facing the above issue after upgrading the discourse version into 2.8.0.beta7 & beta8.

I have verified the loaded scripts file from browser source like below,


So, is the issues are really coming with the upgraded version 2.8.0.beta7 & beta8 (or) need to do anything related to this on admin settings ?

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