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:warning: At this time, it is highly unlikely that this theme component will be enough to comply with GDPR regulations. This is particularly the case if you are using services that introduce 3rd-party cookies. It is highly recommended that you talk to your lawyer and figure out your individual needs

This theme component will allow you to add a customizable Cookie Consent banner to your forum. It simply provides an easy way for Discourse admins to make use of the open source Cookie Consent banner by Insites.


There are several settings to help you personalize the banner to your Discourse forum.

Legal note:

I am not a lawyer. Please make sure this meets your individual legal needs at the time of installing. If there are ways to improve the usefulness of this component, please share!

Relevant reading:
List of cookies used by Discourse
Cookie compliance under GDPR

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Thank you, this makes things easier.


Just started using this on my forum and I gotta say it’s a super awesome and easy way to add this in! Ty for doing this :smiley:!


Apparently, it’s mandatory in the EU now that websites have an advanced cookie consent banner, i.e. with the options for the user to choose exactly which cookies are set. Shouldn’t this be part of Discourse core and support all the Discourse supported tools like Google Analytics etc. in order to make a standard installation in the EU legal from scratch?


Then why doesn’t Amazon.co.uk implement it?

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Good question. Maybe they wait for Brexit to happen? Then again, same goes for amazon.de. But it was a recent ruling of the highest European court:

And Reuters already has implemented it.

Edit: I don’t know whether this is true for other European countries, but there’s a flourishing cease and desist letter writing industry in Germany - that’s what makes the matter so unpleasant.


thank you for this work. Question:
How to not display the banner again one the same machine but without clicking on the “got it” button ?

There is now a ruling by the highest German court that users must give active consent to cookies, and I see more and more pages within the EU that have this functionality. Any chance that this component supports this as well any time soon? Or do you know of any third party services that work well with Discourse? Thanks!


Well done @tshenry

Great job!


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Did you find another solution?

No, unfortunately not.

Meanwhile amazon.co.uk and probably all major european websites offer this option. Is there any new information on the subject? Can we contribute something to get things moving?
Thank you!


Closing a loop here –

Amazon has now been fined $883m for GDPR violations.


I have installed this plugin but I don’t see anything related to this in my settings!
Can anyone help?

You have a standard install and you added the git clone to your app.yml and did a rebuild?


It’s a Theme Component, no?

As with any Theme Component, the settings reside in Admin → Customize → Themes → Components → “specific component” → Theme Settings


Will this translate in some sort of core option for cookie management/warning?

Because this theme component, although very useful, wouldn’t “meet” the requirements according to that.

As you can see in the first post you can write whatever you want in any language you want.

I know, I have it deployed in my instance.

The question is for more specific management. it seems that not only you need to allow to “select” which ones to use but also you need to ask first and then deploy. For example this topic that is also linked in the first post:

The main worry comes from the fact that third-party “cookie managers” can not only “fail” to do the trick for Discourse but also hinger it in some fashion. Hence my question. The Amazon fine stands as proof that this ain’t something to brush off lightly.