Discourse Crashes suddenly and back to normal in a while


We have created a discourse that uses keycloack for login and providing user privileges. The discourse seem to work fine but suddenly sometimes I get to see this error message and through a 503 error.

Moments later it is coming back normal. Not able to replicate the issue if I follow the same steps. It is behaving extremely strange.

Can someone help?

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Hard to tell, maybe there are clues at /logs that could help? If it’s a problem with your login, an error message might show up there.


Hey @gauthamraj

You might be able to narrow this issue down by opening your browser dev console and looking at the network tab (see image below).

Then, reload the page(s) and test, and you will more-than-likely see any HTTP network status messages like 404, 502, 403, (200 is good) etc and the file or external networking call which is the problem.

Make sure you select “All” in the beginning and then you can drill down to XHR, JS, Doc and more as you see the errors and issues.

Hope this helps.


Since the discource instance restarts automatically… we are not able to access the logs.

But here are the public logs and they seem to be healthy - https://forum.solveninja.org/logs/

I have tried. Just noticed one mixed content issue with Favicon. Rest seem to work fine apart from couple of warnings.

They are not public :).

We noticed while trying to grant admin permissions through keycloak it seem to restart the discourse instance automatically

Apologies. I am not able to attach the log since I am new user. Should I upload in my drive and share the link?

Hey @gauthamraj

Just visited your site. This is it, isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 2.40.59 PM

Your site is running on HTTP and not HTTPS and this is causing a lot of JS errors in the browser:

When there are JS errors, like this, the site is not going to work correctly, as you surely know, and this includes any special apps / libs for login, like keycloak.

My suggestion to you is to get your site up and running on HTTPS and try again.

Hope this helps.

See Also (from the keycloak site):

Before you go and run Keycloak in production there are a few more things that you will want to do, including:

  • Switch to a production ready database such as PostgreSQL

  • Configure SSL with your own certificates

  • Switch the admin password to a more secure password

  • For more information check out the Keycloak Documentation.


@neounix Yes, that is the webpage.

Noted. Will get everything on https and will update here.


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