Suddenly Can't Log Into Discourse


Since yesterday, we can’t log into Discourse, and it’s not a Digital Ocean problem (ISP). See attachments on what is happening.

To describe: When I and others try to log in, the “wheel” just keeps spinning, and it does not take us beyond the log in popup. So, we close that window and click on the logo on the top of the page, and suddenly, it seems like we are logged in (after the login attempt). We can see all the topics, etc. But when we click on any topic, it does not let us open it. We only get a blank page and the wheel spinning.

Also, if you look at pic 1, I circled an area. The topics showing up there are now in “generic form.” When the forum is running as it should, it looks more sophisticated. Please look at the pictures in the order 1 to 4 to get the best grasp of what’s happening.

Can anyone help?


Thank you much!
Wes Penre

Sorry, here are the pictures…

I heard it is the https certificate that has expired. That would the reason why Discourse is down. I think there is a thread on that since before. I’ll go there instead.

Resolved in My Discourse is Down. Certificate Issue? - #27 by JammyDodger