Discourse development verision

hi! i’m having trouble because discourse development verision don’t send me any verification e-mails and i don’t know how to setup smpt on that “Mailhog”

You can add an account with

   ./bin/rake admin:create

You can change to any user by visiting http://localhost:4200/session/USERNAME/become


Is this related to you trying to install discourse with a no-ip hostname?

Development install of discourse isn’t really meant to be accessible on a public hostname. As it has been already mentioned by @pfaffman in your other post.

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no i just want to test discourse on development verision

yes, but when i’m registering user by forum it doesn’t send me activation e-mail.

Development version doesn’t have a mailserver running so it won’t send any activation email. You can activate your account using the rake task. IIRC you don’t need to activate an account on Development version.

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Please use the rake task that I showed above to create an account that does not need to be sent an activation email. It will create an active account, let you set a password, and optionally make the user an admin.