Discourse Dice Roller (RogerBW)

Summary: Dice roller for play-by-forum RPGs and boardgames

:link: GitHub: GitHub - Firedrake/discourse-dice-roller: Adds [roll XdY] macro to Discourse
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


This is an automated dice roller for RPGs and board games, based loosely on github:dorthu’s earlier version. When it sees a new post with the right text in it, it’ll roll the requested dice and change the post’s ownership to System to prevent editing. Generic rollers are [roll XdY+Z] and [pool XdY] (the former totals, the latter sorts by result for dice pool systems); system-specific rollers are supplied for Genesys RPG, Ars Magica stress rolls, Dr Who Time of the Daleks and Memoir '44.


  • Add the plugin’s repo url to your container’s app.yml file, then rebuild the container. No internal configuration as yet. Step-by-step instructions are in README.


  • initial upload to meta, 2021-11-15


  • a preview indicator to show “this is going to get parsed as a dice roll”
  • a mode to reply with rolls in a new post rather than editing the old one
  • admin configuration interface