Disabling trigger for discourse narrative bot

Is it possible to disable only one trigger in Discourse narrative bot?

I looked everywhere around the internet. I’m wondering if someone here could help me with that.

I saw somewhere that it’s not possible to disable pretty much anything on Discourse Bot (aside from deactivating that option completely, which we don’t want to do), but since it wasn’t an “official” answer, I thought it would be better to ask here.

The trigger we’d like to disable is the following:

 trigger: "roll"
  invalid: |-
    I’m sorry, it is mathematically impossible to roll that combination of dice. :confounded:
    one: "I only have %{count} die. [Shameful](https://www.toplessrobot.com/2009/04/the_10_most_shameful_rpg_dice.php), I know!"
    other: "I only have %{count} dice. [Shameful](https://www.toplessrobot.com/2009/04/the_10_most_shameful_rpg_dice.php), I know!"
  out_of_range: |-
    Did you know that [the maximum number of sides](https://www.wired.com/2016/05/mathematical-challenge-of-designing-the-worlds-most-complex-120-sided-dice) for a mathematically fair die is 120?
  results: |-
    > :game_die: %{results}
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I think that it would take a plugin. I’m curious what problem the dice trigger is causing.


It’s not causing a problem, per say. It’s just something that we won’t be using in our community and we don’t want users getting that response when triggering “roll” and wondering what is going on.

In general, that dynamic is not aligned with the objectives and strategy of what we are trying to do in our community.

We just don’t want users getting a random response from a trigger that we can’t (?) disable

I would recommend that you wait until you have a problem to go about solving it. It’s hard to imagine that someone is going to trigger that dice roll by mistake.

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The roller has always been a little awkward, which is why I made this theme component:

We could probably entirely remove the ability of @/discobot to reply in public topics, seeing as the only purpose is (1) to provide instructions for restarting the tutorials and (2) rolling dice.


@riking Thank you! I think this will help! :slightly_smiling_face:

To be clear: that’s a proposed course of action, NOT something that has already happened.

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I got it. Thank you :grin:

We already have this setting as discourse narrative bot disable public replies