Discourse Docker Manager: Upgrade All

The Docker Manager is great for keeping everything up-to-date, but it’s awfully slow when you have more than one thing that needs upgrading, not to mention that you need to restart the web server once for each plugin.

I’d like to propose a new button called Upgrade All that would go through and upgrade everything in one quick run, similar to what a ./launcher bootstrap app does.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Less user interaction
  • Server only restarts once
  • Lowers risk of unintended behavior
  • Doesn't encourage code verification

Depending on how many plugins you have installed… So yes indeed, this would be a neat feature!


Add another advantage: You aren’t going to have incompatible plugins that invoke unintended behavior, such as making the upgrade page impossible to reach or delete your database.

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May I suggest a :ballot_box_with_check: in front of each Plugin, which is checked by default?
And then just an upgrade button.
Then the default action would be upgrade all, but you could easily upgrade a subset if you wanted to.
This is more flexible and would allow you to upgrade 3 of 5 plugins without restarting more than once.

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Just gonna sneak in here and point out that this is yet another feature that would work even better if combined with Compatibility checks and stable versioning for plugins.

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Something I would love to be able to do is upgrade the core and all plugins at one time with a single click from the Upgrade screen. Unless I’m missing something, I currently need to go through each one individually and that can take a significant amount of time. I like being able to do them individually if I need, but mostly I want to update everything when I do this.

I would propose a simple (in UI, not implementation :wink:) “Upgrade All” button on the Upgrade screen.


Sure, a pr for that would be welcome :wink:

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Should’ve seen that coming. :smile: No time at the moment but maybe in the future if it’s not done at that time.


So - How did it go :smiley: As i know, the button is still missing ^^
Another good thing could be a “Update all”, and “Update all except Discorse itself” :slight_smile:

So much quicker to just update everything in one shot with ./launcher rebuild app I don’t use the admin update interface at all because of this exact issue.

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Ye, you’re right. But in some cases it’s nice to limit the access to the server - and just provide access to the Docker Manager. But for sure, you’re right (-:

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Unfortunately rebuilding the app at the command line takes my Discourse forum offline for several minutes, so I try to avoid it.

Using the admin interface to upgrade is very slick, and only results in a few seconds of observable downtime.

An Update All button would be most welcome.

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I often use the update via GUI to reduce the offline time of the site.

The only problem I see in an Update all button is when you need to do the update of the docker_manager first. In this case all the buttons to upgrade the plugins are grey and unclickable because you must upgrade the docker_manager first and then rebuild the site via SSH.

In this particular case the Update all button should disappear or in any case not be clickable until the rebuild.


I agree an Update all feature would be a much better approach for end users and those who know nothing about command line options. I do agree running it from the command line does take the site down for longer than if updated through the admin panel.


I wrote the server code for executing multiple upgrades at once, but I’m having design troubles with the client code.

Branch compare: https://github.com/discourse/docker_manager/compare/a6539a6cf...riking:multi-upgrade

The client code I’m having trouble visualizing how to refactor. I suppose a MultiRepo object constructed by the Upgrade All handler that combines together the paths/versions and presents the same interface as a Repo object? It feels like that is going to run into duck-typing problems.


PR up for this: :rocket: